Thursday, February 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Brandi Engel

Make sure you check out this month's issue of Maniac Magazine featuring cover girl, Brandi Engel of Pittsburgh's CW network.
New spring makeup looks featuring the work of Patty Bell.
And..check out some more behind the scenes footage with the beautiful Brandi at work!

Pittsburgh Profile of the Week: Patty Bell

Pittsburgh Profile of the Week: Patty Bell
Thanks Colleen and April from Maniac Magazine!

Word of mouth is often the best advertising for a business, not only because its free, but because it spreads like wildfire, something Patty Bell knows very well. Some people (including this MANIAC) might say Patty is living the dream: she employs her friends, works with celebrities and models, and gets to make people pretty- as her job.
Patty has been a makeup artist for the past 20 years in the film, television, and photography industries. After a friend of hers starting giving her name out to another group of friends, Patty started to receive calls asking for her mastery of skills and know-how to be put to use for their parties and weddings. The word spread quickly about Patty and her team of makeup experts and suddenly On Location Hair and Makeup, her business, was in high demand for everyone’s special day. Getting started and growing a customer base was only the beginning, though. Patty says that determination, passion, hard work, and professionalism are all keys to running a successful business. As for being her own boss? “I love being able to pick and choose my clients, and setting my own hours,” Patty says.

Patty Bell got her start doing make-up for parties and brides, and continued to the celebrity and fashion worlds.
And Patty picks and chooses the best. Her clients range from sports stars, models, politicians, and brides. She works with every girl’s dream man, a.k.a. Sidney Crosby, on a regular basis (she calls him “her buddy”), but also divulges that she’s worked with Drew Carrey, Amy Adams, Tommy Lee, and even Samuel L. Jackson. She’s been working with the Steeler’s for ten years and claims that’s where her loyalty is.
Although born and raised in Pittsburgh, where the snow is abundant and unavoidable, Patty admits she’s anti-snow, claiming that she’s “seen enough” throughout her life. Even though makeup is her forte, Patty knows all about style in general; her favorite designers include Dolce and Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli. When she reaches into her makeup bag, though, she goes for a plethora of different brands. Her favorites are Dior, Urban Decay, and MAC but Patty admits that she really just loves all makeup. Her favorite trends right now are matte lips, flushed cheeks, and, of course, perfectly flawless skin. As far as fashion goes, she’s partial to the bohemian rock star look.

Penguins star Center Sidney Crosby is just one of the many celebrities Patty Bell has worked with.
“Less is more,” says Patty when asked for basic daytime and office style tips. Leading her clients away from an often committed (and amateur) mistake of too many colors and focal points, Patty suggests that women keep their look simple, but still elegant and classy. This can be achieved by wearing neutrals with a pop of color and a single, great accessory.
She suggests similar guidelines for makeup, “Clean skin, neutral shadows, a rosy cheek, and natural lip color goes a long way in the office.” She adds that its best to keep the perfume to a minimum. “I hate to see women over do their wardrobe and their makeup routine for daytime/work- save the glitz & glam for evening,” she says. And if you’re almost scared of the makeup brush for fear of destroying a good thing (like this MANIAC blogger is), you can find refuge in Patty’s words to live by: Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
By Colleen McGuckin

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New campaign with Geno Levi Salon

Makeup artists Patty Bell and Susie Popovich recently helped create the new looks for Geno Levi's new salon shot by Redford Photography under the creative direction of Jennifer Schlieper of Geno Levi salon.
Legendary, rock star hairdresser, Geno Levi created some amazing looks, modeled by his beautiful staff...all equally as nice and kind as the master himself!
Make sure you check out his fabulous new salon on Route 19 south in McMurray, Pa.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Location Makeup wins the Bride's Choice award from Wedding once again!

We are very honored to once again receive the Bride's Choice award for 2011 from Wedding!
We have loved and appreciated all of our brides and their families and will continue to offer excellent service this year to all of our future brides...thank you so much!
Please read our reviews here at Wedding and feel free to leave us a review if you haven't already.

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On Location Makeup teams up with Discovery Channel and UPMC for a great video series

Our artists, Patty, Susie and Julie had a very busy fall with the Discovery Channel and UPMC as we teamed up with them to create a very powerful physician training series for doctors all over the world.
Needless to say, we learned a lot from these doctors, and know that we are very lucky to live in a city with such incredible hospitals, and doctors.