Friday, January 3, 2014

New year, new beautiful you

Happy 2014!

The new year is the perfect time to revamp your beauty routine, simplify your old makeup routine and start fresh.
It's time to give your makeup, and yourself...a makeover!

Begin by organizing your current makeup collection, take inventory of what you have, what you need and what no longer serves you. Toss any products that are old or broken. Discard any rancid smelling lipsticks, foundation that has separated, and dried up mascara.
Find the products that you know will work best for you and stick with them to save you time and money in the future. This is my favorite way to organize my makeup stash.

Get a makeup lesson from a professional makeup artist who will tell you what colors work best for you. Bring your current makeup that you use along with you and learn the latest tips and techniques to make you look your very best this year. Sometimes it's just the tiniest improvements that make the biggest difference in your appearance & makeup is one of the best, and most inexpensive ways to upgrade your look. Take pictures, ask questions...this is your time to learn the correct way to apply your makeup that is best suited for you.

Now is the time to ditch the heavy foundation and powder that can tend to be very aging, and try the new BB or CC creams for a lighter than air, perfect flawless looking, complexion. Today's new foundations are some of the best formulas I've ever seen. They often combine: a foundation, sunscreen, primer and moisturizer all in one, and a little goes a long way.

Matte lip colors and pencils are all the rage right now. The formulas are moister and longer lasting and not quite as drying as the matte lip colors from the 1980's. Try a fun berry, plum or purple shade to compliment the rich jewel tones of your winter wardrobe.

Today's lip colors are actually good for you, some even good enough to eat, like the BITE brand. Their lipsticks contain Resveratrol, which is equivalent to 5 glasses of kinda lipstick:)

Maybe it's time to visit your hairdresser and add a few highlights, (or lowlights), to your hair to lift your spirits during the cold winter months.
If you've never had bangs before, give it a try- they are a fun way to update your hairstyle, give you a younger look, and a great way to hide any lines on the forehead!
Even curling your hair a different way, can completely change your look. If you've always curled your hair with a regular curling iron, try a larger barreled iron for a fuller, looser curl. Don't brush it out when your done, just run your fingers through it to create a gentle wave and spray it lightly with a brushable hairspray like Elnett used by every top hairstylist in the world. I like the unscented spray the best.

I also love the new clip-less curling rods- it gives a nice beachy wave to the hair and instantly updates your look. You just simply wrap the hair around the wand, and loosely pick the curls apart with your's a beautiful look.

Another life saver for me on my shoots has been the Halo hair pieces.
It's a great investment for women that would like to add a little length or thickness to their hair. It is quick and easy to use, just place the halo on your head and pull your own hair over top of the hair extension. It is practically invisible to detect and worn by so many celebrities and news anchors...and the best thing of all, it can be washed, dried, colored and curled and does not damage your existing hair like hair extensions or clip in extensions.

And my final beauty tip to brighten to begin the new year as healthy as can be is to visit the dentist and take care of that smile and whiten those teeth. Nothing ages a woman more than stained, yellow teeth.
I believe a beautiful smile is one of our best assets and one of the cheapest "facelifts" we can do for ourselves, and the perfect accessory to show off that new lip color!

Here's to a more beautiful you this year!