Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunscreen...your new BFF!

With the arrival of spring and summer , it is time to ditch the heavy, winter makeup shades and lighten the load.

Toss the heavy foundation and powders, and opt for a tinted moisturizer, with sunscreen. 
Forget heavy lipsticks in the summer, and try a sheer peachy gloss to brighten your smile and give you a younger, fresher look.
Powdery eyeshadows can be aging, instead, try a cream shadow in a sheer gold all over the lid, and top off your lashes with a long lasting waterproof, sweatproof mascara.
My newest obsession is long lasting waterproof pencils...they stay put all day and you never have to worry about them smearing or running, perfect for brides!
And finally, the most important accessory this summer may be a hat-
Protect your skin at all cost and remember, sunscreen is your new BFF!