Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Supah Ninjas Season 2

Last summer was spent at 31st St. Studios with a bunch of crime fighting teens filming, Supah Ninjas Season 2 on Nickelodeon.

I loved this super talented cast, which consisted of: Ryan Potter, Gracie Dzienney and Carlos Knight and the charming, witty George Takei!

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the "Shadow Fly" episode:

shadow fly billboard by our fabulous art department

these fans saved our lives all summer

Ninja hair and makeup team
ninja power!

green screen

yes, our actors really had to hang!

those nin-juice pants were so heavy, but really cool

the beautiful ninja, Gracie Dzienney

the super hot high school set

filming a Supah Fly commercial on green screen

our amazing camera department

we loved our stunt men- always made us laugh

it takes a village to film a 16 week TV show!

Thank you Nickelodeon for an incredible experience..check out Shadow Fly, a cool episode to work on with lots of special effects, stunts and some great acting.

Supah Ninjas: "Shadow Fly" S1
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beauty on the GO!

As a professional makeup artist, I am always on the go, reorganizing my kits, and looking for the best possible cases, products and containers to make my life and job, so much easier.

Here are some of my favorites:

A few years ago, I was working on the film, Adventurelandshot on location in Kennywood ParkWe were constantly toting our makeup bags and kits all over the park, and after 15 hour days on the set, our shoulders were aching!

It was then that the key makeup artist introduced us to a really cool, rolling case, made by Zuca.
Besides holding all of my products, it fits on an airplane AND doubles as a seat while standing in long lines, or sitting around on movie sets. The coolest thing is that you can customize your own case and the wheels light up. I get so many compliments ever time I take it out...mine is pink, and very cute:)

In my Zuca case are many palettes that I have created from the hundreds of lipsticks, blush and eyeshadow pots. I love the MAC cosmetics and Z Palettes.
Z Palettes are a great way to put all of your favorite powders, blush and shadows in one case. Just pop your shadows out of the containers and place them in the magnetic cases.

Another makeup artist must have is the Kim Greene Premiere makeup bag. The see thru set bag, with all of the different compartments, keeps your actors makeup organized, allows you to see whatever makeup products you are using, and grab them quickly for touch ups. Love, love, love these bags!
The airlines love these bags, too!

Evian water spray is a must for hydrating and refreshing the skin when traveling. It can also wake you up on those long car & plane rides. On movie sets, we use it to make the actors sweaty, and mix it with eyeshadow to make eyeliner- I can't live without this stuff!

I love multi tasking products such as Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. This is a great time saver as it is a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen...a huge time saver for those hectic mornings.

Rosebud salve lip balm is another cult classic. It's one product that can do it all, great for lips, nails, dry skin, even hair! The strawberry scented balm is heavenly.

 Nurturing Force Lavender blotting papers are a great new product used to absorb oil from the skin, and save you from caking powder on your face- they smell heavenly and the packaging is so clever!

For quick, and gentle makeup removal, I am a huge fan of DHC's Make Off Sheets- perfect for on the go touch ups! They're made from 100% cotton and aloe vera, a natural skin healer.


And after a long day of travel, or on the set, there's nothing like Burt's Bees peppermint foot lotion- the best cooling, tingling feeling for tired feet!

DHC Skincare Canada

Hello 2013!

It's been a while since I've blogged...sorry, work just got the best of me!

 2013 has been quite a busy one already.
 Another successful Steelers season has come and gone, (at least for the makeup department) and now my attention has been focused on working with NBC on the Pittsburgh Penguins home broadcasts...such a great group of people to work for...let's go PENS!
Mike Emmerick Hockey Hall of Fame announcer

 Podcasts for the Discovery Channel and UPMC have been keeping On Location artists busy as well. We are very fortunate to live in a city with the best doctors in the world right here in Pittsburgh, and very thankful to work for the great folks at Summer Productions.

 But I wanted to let my clients know that we will now be offering private makeup lessons, makeovers and even small parties at our small studio in Greentree or we can bring the experts to you for a fun girls girls night out party.

We now offer Fluhme Cosmetics to our clients as well. I was fortunate enough to help create some of the looks of the shadow palettes with owner Tiffany Fluhme.
Please call us if you are in need of a new spring look!