Friday, December 18, 2009

Easy Ways to Maintain a Holiday matter how tired you are!

... a recent article I was quoted in by Rebecca Giantonio...thanks Rebecca!

It’s mid-December, which means the holiday rush is in full swing, most are struggling to meet end-of-year deadlines at work, and there are holiday parties a plenty. This all translates to long days (and nights), which bring dark circles, dull skin and an abundance of other beauty issues. The good news is you can still look radiant and refreshed with less sleep than usual, thanks to these tips from celebrity makeup artists and beauty experts across the country.

Hydration is key. Drink the requisite eight glasses of water a day and switch to a heavier moisturizer. Dr. Brooke Jackson, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of The Skin Wellness Center of Chicago, suggests minimizing use of products containing retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids as they can be too drying in the winter. She also cautions that drinking red wine while on certain medications can cause skin irritation, so monitor your alcohol intake and changes in your skin.

Removing dead skin cells gives tired, dry skin a glow. Concoct a homemade mask, massage into your skin using a circular motion, and rinse clean. For oily skin, mix lemon juice and a little salt. Be careful with the amount of salt you use; the mask should be grainy, but not too harsh on your skin. If your skin is normal or on the dry side, combine honey and sugar.

If you don’t have time for a mask, grab some leftover gin from the holiday festivities. Narine Nikogosian, one of Los Angeles’ best-known skin care experts (her client list includes Jessica Alba and Charlize Theron) and author of Return to Beauty: Old-World Recipes for Great Radiant Skin (Atria Books, November 2009), suggests this unexpected recipe. Mix two tablespoons of gin with a quarter-cup of tonic water to quickly balance and tone oily skin laden with last night’s makeup.

Illuminate your skin
Brighten skin with products designed to do just that. Celebrity makeup artist Chris Lanston, who has worked with Kristin Davis and Miss USA among many others, suggests mixing a face lotion containing mica with your foundation to make skin glow. Brush on a light dusting of pale peach or pink blush. A little blush goes a long way on a tired, pale face!

As a finishing touch, opt for finishing powder. “Translucent powder can create a cakey-white look. Blot with finishing powder, which will brighten under the eyes, highlight certain areas, absorb oil and minimize fine lines,” says Christopher Drummond, an esthetician and makeup artist who has worked with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, January Jones and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Try Christopher Drummond Beauty Finale Finishing Powder, part of Drummond’s 100 percent natural, vegan and organic-based beauty line. Another great product that gets the job done: La Prairie Cellular Treatment Illuminating Face Powder, which contains a light-diffusing polymer that gives skin an ethereal appearance.

Enhance eyes
Take just a few minutes to concentrate on your eyes. They're the focal point of your face, so banishing puffiness, hiding circles, and brightening them will make you look much more awake. Reduce puffiness by applying cool green or chamomile tea bags (keep some in the refrigerator) to your eyes when you wake up. Both will soothe, and green tea contains antioxidants that help minimize swelling, says Dr. Jackson. To counteract fluid build-up before bedtime (if you're lucky enough to catch some Zs), prop up your pillows so your head is slightly elevated as you sleep.

Mask dark circles with a lightweight concealer. Patty Bell, film/television makeup artist and owner of On Location Hair and Makeup in Pittsburgh, suggests picking a yellow-based one that will counteract the purple shadows under eyes. Dab a small amount under your eyes and smooth with your finger. Your body temperature will blend the makeup better than a brush.

Bell is a fan of Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. “It’s a staple in my makeup kit,” says Bell. “It highlights and brightens the under eye area without ever looking dry or cakey. One news anchor I use it on calls it her liquid gold!” Lanston swears by Benefit’s thick boi-ing “industrial-strength” concealer. “It’s magic!”
Next, rim the lower inner corners of your eyes with a white eye pencil. It reflects the white of your eyes, making them look brighter. Another option: Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal suggests a dab of soft, shimmery white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. Try the Mally Beauty Lightwand Eye Brightener to fake those eight hours of sleep.
Finish with a coat or two of mascara to give the appearance of bigger, more alert eyes. “Brighten the whites of your eyes with navy mascara,” says Bell. “Avoid mascara on the bottom lashes. It may cause shadows under the eyes, only accentuating dark circles. And if you’re going to wear eye shadow, avoid pinks and purples, which make eyes look tired and red.”
Get physical
One of the best beauty tricks around, exercise boosts blood flow and pumps water throughout your system, resulting in a healthy glow. A mere 10 minutes of brisk physical activity will increase your energy level for up to two hours. Take the time to walk around your neighborhood, run up and down your stairs, jump rope, or bicycle, and you'll feel and see the difference.
Only have a couple minutes? Try this yoga trick, taught to acclaimed yoga instructor and Connecticut resident Khadi Madama by her yoga teacher. “This pose instantly revives a complexion,” said Khadi. “It brings the circulation back into the face to give it a nice glow, and my teacher claimed it could even alleviate wrinkles.”

To practice the Standing Cow Pose, slowly bend forward from the waist for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Let your shoulders, neck and head go limp. Breathe deeply, letting out tension. Slowly stand back up, keeping your knees slightly bent to avert lower back strain.
reprinted from Hartford Womens Style Examiner.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Congratulations Colleen and Henry!

My wedding season is winding down and this wedding on 10/24/09, was one to be remembered!
I did the brides' sister's makeup for her wedding many years ago, so it was quite an honor to be asked back again by the family.
Once again, another gorgeous bride to work with, one so pretty she could actually model!
My assistant, Rachel, and I arrived at the brides home in Fox Chapel and had so much fun getting Colleen, her family and 8 bridesmaids ready for the big day.
I then proceeded to the church and on to the reception at the Fox Chapel Golf Club to keep her looking fresh and beautiful for her photos taken by photojournalist, Jeff Swensen.
Colleen looked spectacular, as did her groom, Henry Simonds, grandson of Elsie & Henry Hillman.
Thank you again to the Daily family and Colleen for allowing us to share in your very special day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We got published on!

Our recent article regarding trial runs for brides was just picked up by an honor for us!
If you are considering hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, please read this article for a few tips!
And, we wish you the best to you as you plan your big wedding day!
photos courtesy of Paul Meyer photography.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congratulations Tracey & Chris!

Debi & I recently had the pleasure to be a part of Tracey & Chris' wedding ceremony on 10/17/09. We all met at her bridal suite at the holiday Inn in Oakland and had such a great time getting her ready for her big day.
We think she looked radiant!
The love and joy captured by their videographer just says it all!
Special thanks to wedding coordinator extraordinaire, Sumer, from Simply Perfect Weddings for getting all of us together, and for doing such an incredible job organizing everything!
makeup-Patty Bell
hair- Debi Maker

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our work featured in "The Knot"!

We were very honored to be asked to be a part of Aisha's & Adnan's beautiful Indian wedding ceremony in May.
We think she looked absolutely stunning!
Thank you Aishah!

Makeup by Susie Popovich.
Photography by Kimberly Reed

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beauty tips for the sleep deprived!

I am always amazed at the female news anchors and reporters who always look so fresh, happy and awake at 5:00 in the do they do it?!
I asked a few friends of mine from the local news stations to give me some of their early morning beauty tips.
Michelle Wright of WTAE TV, says, "I get enough sleep & water and love Joe Blasco foundation and cover up and Mac blush and eye shadows".
WPXI's reporter, Cara Sapaida, begins her day very, very early.
"Getting extra sleep, even a few minutes, a few days a week is key. For that I invest in a good dry shampoo. That way I don't have to wash my hair every morning. Some people swear by it and use it on day three as well! I'm not one of those gals. There's a new shampoo by TIGI called Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. I also like good eye cream though for sure. And lately i've been using Hope in a Tube by Philosophy. My favorite tip is a nice, hot cup of coffee. When all else fails, I can count on THAT!"

As a film and television makeup artist, my job is to make actors look their very best first thing in the morning, often with crew calls starting at 4:30 am, so I, too, have created a list of beauty products to help you look & achieve your very best, too!

The key to looking fresh in the early morning is to wear bright colors!
Add colors like pink, corals, reds & blue...they instantly perk up your skin. You want to avoid, greys, black, khakis, beiges and browns, those colors will make your skin appear lack luster & dull.

Your skin also needs perked up in the morning, so get your circulation going by gently exfoliating your skin.
I love Queen Helene mint julep scrub, to wake up your skin.
You can also try good 'ole baking soda, it's pure natural & very cheap. Just keep a box in your shower & mix a tablespoon in your hand with a few drops of water, and any excess can be worked through your hair to remove excess hairspray build up.

While your at it in the shower, try some Caffeinated soap from and follow with a final blast of ice cold water to add shine to your hair and really wake you up!

The next step is to work on the eyes, first thing we do is add eye drops!
Many actors I work with swear by Collyre Blue eye drop to make the whites appear their absolute whitest.

Your other best friend is to invest in a good eye cream, find something cooling, firming and smoothing.
I like YSL's contour eye cream.
Many eye creams now have caffeine in them which is said to perk up the eye area.
Another less expensive, but effective eye cream is, from 100 percent Pure, check out their 100 percent organic caffeine eye cream!

Curling the eyelashes instantly opens the eyes up & makes them appear larger.
The best eyelash curler on the market is: Shu Uemera. It's a little more expensive than drugstore eyelash curlers, but so worth every penny! The wider curler fits the eye shape better and gently curves the lashes and doesn't bend them in half.

Mascara is another way to appear more awake.
After curling your lashes, apply two coats of navy mascara to make the whites appear brighter and more awake.
Concentrate on adding more mascara to the outer lashes to make the eyes appear more open, and cat like!
I like Lumene blue mascara:
...or if you're really looking for some eye popping fun, try Dior's Azure blue mascara- the brightest blue around!

Eyeliners should also be deep navy or blue to make the whites look their whitest. You want to avoid any purples, khaki's or brown eyeliners on a sleepless night. Those colors will only accentuate under eye circles.
I like MAC's Navy stain Powerpoint liner, it's one of the best! The color is not too bright but also has a hint of metallic that will also make your eyes sparkle in the early morning.
The formula is long lasting, and waterproof but glides on effortlessly.

Avoid any eyeshadows with pink or purple that day, especially on the lid.
Any colors with red undertones applied on the lid or close to the lash line will make your eyes appear red, tired and puffy looking like you've been crying all night.
Add a touch of sparkle to the lid by applying a waterproof, creaseproof creme shadow such as Laura Mercier's Platinum Metallic eye color:

And finally, the most important, and our BFF, is... under eye concealer!
I cannot live without YSL's Touche Eclat for an instant pick me up, anytime; it is the best beauty product on the market today! It highlights under the eye without ever looking cakey.
If you need a little more coverage that day, look for products that have yellow undertones to help counteract the purpleness under your eyes.
I also use a lot of MAC's studio finish concealer for television- works great!

Blush is another way to appear more awake!
Sometimes, sleepless nights require a little more blush to make you look refreshed & alive!
My all time favorite is:
NARS orgasm blush- it's a very flattering pinky coral blush with soft golden highlkights that look great on just about everyone!

Lip color is a must!
This will always make you look your very best in the early morning,
Avoid beige, matte tones that will blend into your skin.
Clear reds and soft pinky coral tones will brighten your tired skin, as does a little lip gloss!
I like Benefit's tinted lip balm, a great shade that works for all skin tones.
...And if you really need that extra pick me up, try:
Smashbox's caffeine laced lip pencil!
or how about a caffeinated lip balm to keep you awake?!

And, finish your look with a dust of a pink powder, which helps brighten the skin.
T LeClerc makes the finest powder out there, it's used by many models and makeup artists.
Their Orchidee pink veil powder perks up all skin!

These tips only mask a sleep deprived face, naturally, your best bet is to get 8 hours of sleep, exercise 30 minutes a day, and drink 8 glasses of water to hydrate & plump your skin, but with a lot of us creative night owls, who has time to sleep?!
...sometimes life gets in the way of beauty, bring on daylight savings time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Beauty Tips for 2009

With fall now upon us it's time to re-think our makeup & beauty routine.


Lips tend to be a bit dryer now, so time to get out the lip balm & lose the bright pinks & corals from summer and switch to the cooler shades of plums, berries and deep reds for this fall.
For lip balms, I have a ton of them but I always turn to cherry Chapstick when my lips are their's economical, leaves just a touch of color on the lips, and it tastes great, too!

Purples, blood reds and almost black are huge shades for fall lip colors.
With vampires making their comeback in the media, makeup has reflected those changes. Think, pale skin, dark glossy cherry stained lips & plum shadows....that's your fall face, though they might not look best on everyone.
If you don't want to appear too ghoulish, try a sheer deep lip gloss, and keep your eye makeup neutral.
And... I must not forget one of my all time favorite lipliners, Chanel's Nude for autumn, but if you're looking to save some money, I suggest #666 (how appropriate for fall) lip liner from Wet 'N Wild which is almost identical & .99 cents!


The smoky eye is back with a vengeance!
Black, greys, silvers & purple shadows are all the rage, as are false eyelashes!
It's time to make the switch to deep plums, liners, shadows & mascara.
Luckily, these shades look best on everyone, and they can be found everywhere right now.
Ditch the spring peachey colors and reach for the deep rust shades, and put aside your lime greens of summer and replace them with emerald greens & khaki's and the yellows with gold.
Think fall leaves, golds, reds, deep browns, greens...those colors work best in your makeup palette now.


With fall, the skin needs a little more protection from the elements & also a little more moisture.
I do believe that the one beauty investment women should make, should be a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. This may take some trial and error until you find the right one. My own personal favorites for flawless skin include: Chanel, Laura Mercier & Armani.
But...If you are looking to save money, and like a little more coverage, I also love Revlon's Colorstay foundation. We've used it a lot in film and television, and the formula is very long lasting.

Skin also gets a little drier with the change of seasons, so sometimes it's necessary to switch foundations and add something with a little more moisture for this time of year.
I tend to like products that save time, especially in the morning, and tinted moisturizers do that for me. If you prefer a sheerer coverage in your foundation, you can either mix your current foundation with a few drops of moisturizer or just try one of my personal favorites, Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer- it's a moisturizer, foundation & sunscreen all in one.
Another trick to get the most mileage out of your foundation is to add a primer under your foundation to help your makeup stay on longer, glide on easier, & minimize pores and oil.
A good one is:
Cargo HD primer- which adds a touch of color to the skin as well.
And, remember, just because it's still need to use a SPF. Those rays may be a little further away, but they can still cause sun damage.


An instant wardrobe update for everyone of all ages this fall is to deepen your nail color....for less than 10.00 you can be instantly in style this fall!
Look for navy, purple, mahogany, wines & blacks.
My favorites are from OPI...I love the staying power & shine of these colors, not to mention their great names, but any great drugstore shade will do the trick!


Drier skin means one word...exfoliation!
You do not have to spend a lot of money on exfoliators when all you have to do is open your kitchen cupboard!
Reach for that box of Arm & Hammer baking soda & make a paste out of it using either water or witch hazel & gently scrub your skin.
It is one of the most economical products on the market & also the purest for skin.
Besides cleaning your skin, it can also be used to brush your teeth, remove hairspray build up and freshen your laundry!
Keep a box in your shower, and when your done beautifying yourself...scrub down your shower walls & floors, as baking soda is one of the greenest cleansers around!

...In summary, fall makeup is rich, deep, vibrant colors which may or may not work for everyone, but the key is to play up your best feature and add one or two new products to bring your current makeup routine up to fashion.
Your little black dress for fall may only need a fun nail polish, deep plum liner and lip gloss to bring your look up to date.
Makeup is fall's best kept secret accessory!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Congratulations Bridget & Max!

It's October... one of my busiest bridal months!
Yesterday, I spent the day with another gorgeous bride, Bridget & her lovely family.
The morning was spent getting ready at her beautiful home in Allison Park, and then proceeded to St. Paul Cathedral for her ceremony and finally on to the Carnegie Museum for her reception.

Bridget is a natural beauty already, and only needed a small amount of makeup to enhance her natural good looks...I just gave her complexion a little boost with a touch of foundation from Makeup Forever, some blush from Chanel, and set it all with one of the best face powders on the market, Visiora. I played up her eyes with Dior's Incognito collection, Pink Bliss shadow, Diorshow black waterproof mascara, MAC's navy stain powerpoint eyeliner, and topped it all off, was NARS Mitzi lipcolor, and Chanel's Brilliance gloss.

Thank you Bridget for allowing me to share in your very special day complete with bagpipes, museums and 2 Irish bands!
I loved making you even more beautiful, if that was even truly was an honor to be a part of your ceremony.

Makeup by Patty Bell
Makeup Forever foundation #20
Visiora powder 002
Chanel pink blush
Dior Incognito shadows
MAC Navystain eyeliner
Nars Mitzi lipstick
Chanel brilliance lipgloss
Diorshow black waterproof mascara

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Makeover Pittsburgh!

Watch for a new show this fall, called Makeover Pittsburgh!
It will premiere on Comcast in the On Demand section.
I was honored to be a part of a fabulous makeover crew, featuring hair by Tom Beckes from The Salon at Saxonburg, and clothing by Carabella in Oakmont.
When I say this was my dream job, I truly mean it!
Our makeover winners, Bonnie and Marcia, truly touched all of our hearts in a very special way...we laughed, we cried and most of all, we changed lives!
Thanks Kym, thanks Comcast...can't wait until the next episodes!

WPXI Interview with makeup artist Patty Bell

Local Makeup Artist Brings Experience To G-20
By: Jessica Woiner,

PITTSBURGH -- This month’s G-20 Summit promises to provide politics, protests and plenty of paparazzi.
But, who will keep global dignitaries and international reporters looking their best?
Pittsburgh freelance makeup artist, Patty Bell.
Bell, a 20 year TV and film makeup veteran, was contacted by German News Network ARD to provide make up for its news anchors.

“My other concern was that I am working for a German TV station, so would there be a language barrier?” pondered Bell. “But all of the anchors speak English and German.”
Bell said she has worked in tight security situations before, having many of her makeup kits searched, but she found getting credentials for working the G-20 an arduous task.
“I basically had to give my life away to work on this G-20,” she said.
But security and communication are not Bell’s biggest issues with the freelance gig.
“My biggest concern is getting there,” Bell said. “I am thinking I will allow myself an hour to get there, and I only live seven minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh.”
Although Bell’s transportation concerns are uncertain, her job once she enters the convention is clear.
The German news station sill set up two rooms to occupy their anchor desk.
Copyright 2009 by All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...what if film crews ran the world?

This has definitely been one of my favorite commercials this year, but my only complaint, because I have worked on thousands of commercials over the past 20 years is....they forgot to call "last looks" on the bride before she walked down the aisle!

On every film set around the world, makeup, hair and wardrobe are called upon at the very last minute to do a final check before the actor appears on camera.
It is the trained eye of that artist to perfect and correct any imperfection they see, such as: shine, a mascara fleck, a hair out of place, and the dreaded...lipstick on the teeth! No one is perfect...not even actors, but it is the job of the makeup artist to achieve that goal.

Many actors become friends with their makeup artists as they trust their keen eye to assure them that they look their absolute best, at all times, whether it's on the big screen, red carpet or a magazine cover. You can guarantee that behind every big celebrity is a well paid makeup artist who worked an hour or so on her face!

We are trained to fix, correct, repair and beautify, sometimes all in a matter of seconds, and it all gets magnified on the big screen for the world to see!

I salute the makeup artists of the film world, who work, round the clock, day or night, in sickness and in health, in strange locations, and weather conditions, tirelessly making their actors beautiful, (or grotesque), day after day...only for the world to see their name go flying by for a split second, in a tiny credit on the big screen!

...If the world were ruled by makeup would be such a beautiful place to live:)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Makeup advice for the over 40 crowd!

I was recently interviewed by Leann Sabato, of, regarding makeup for the mature woman.
It was an honor to be a part of her makeup artist Monday blog!

"Aging isn't easy and makeup can either make you look older, or turn back the years. Award-winning, celebrity makeup artist Patty Bell gives us the low down on how makeup can help or hurt, and how to take 10 years off in an instant.

What are the makeup rules for aging skin?
As women mature, the "less is more" rule, really applies here! All those years of sun worshipping really does catch up to you eventually, so this is the time to: add a night cream to your skin care routine; stop smoking; stay out of the sun; eat healthy; exercise drink lots of water; and ease up on the foundation,powder and heavy eyeshadows!

How can women avoid crepy skin, caused by foundation and powder?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Some foundations and powders can actually make the skin look older by settling in the fine lines. You want to look for a light, moisturizing foundation with sunscreen, and skip the powder altogether.
For daytime, I would suggest a tinted moisturizer. I have found that some of the mineral foundations look chalky and shiny on mature skin, so I never recommend them to my older clients, and avoid heavily frosted eyeshadows and bronzers as they will only draw attention to the crepiness. And never, ever use pancake makeup - save that for the morticians!

What makeup changes should a woman make when she begins to notice fine lines?
When you first start to notice fine lines, I would suggest using a Retin A cream at night, drink lots of H2O, exfoliate your skin and look for any moisturizers with Hyaluronic acid in it, which plumps up the skin by attracting water And most importantly, wear sunscreen!
Be conscientious as to where your lines are occuring: Sometimes women get lines on their upper forehead from applying mascara, sometimes they are from smiling (which is okay & completely natural) and sometimes the lines are from sleeping on your side. Many times the lines around the mouth & lips, may be from smoking. But remember that aging is a natural process and It's best to just own those earned them!

What makeup tips/trends make women look older?
Too much makeup instantly makes a woman look older. Very dark lips, tons of mascara, pancake makeup, black eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, and frosty pink lipstick can instantly age and date you. Today's makeup should be fresh & clean...regardless of your age! One should never hide behind their makeup, like a mask.

What makeup tips/trends make women look younger?
Sometimes the subtlest changes can make all the difference in a woman's face, and take off 5-10 years without surgery. As we age, our eyes tend to droop, our lashes and lips become thinner, our skin loses elasticity, our eyes lose their vibrancy & our teeth fade...but have no fear, makeup can cure everything!
A little concealer such as YSL Touche Eclat ($40, can instantly brighten and lift the under eye circles.
An eyelash curler such as Shu Uemura's can instantly open up the eyes.
A touch of Visine, and some navy mascara will brighten your eyes and instantly refresh you.
Cream blush like Stila's convertible colors are a great way to add a pop of color to your face, without looking heavy.
Individual eyelashes such as Ardell's can add a touch of glamour to your look and are very inexpensive way to take off 10 years!
Finally...look into teeth whitening. Who wants to look at yellow, stained teeth?
These tips can work for all ages, and they are a lot cheaper than a face lift!

What is your favorite foundation for mature skin?
Airbrushing really looks beautiful on mature skin, but that's not always an option for the every day woman.My all time favorite foundation for mature skin is Visiora. This foundation seems to melt right into the skin & blend perfectly. It is used on a lot of films by every top makeup artist in Hollywood & is virtually undetectable on those big close ups, and it just leaves flawless looking skin. I am also a big fan of Laura Mercier and Chanel foundations."

...thank you Leann!

The importance of Trial Runs!

I was inspired by the fabulous wedding planner, Sumer Schmitt, of Simply Perfect Weddings to write about the significance of having a trial run for your makeup and hair style for your wedding day.
On movie sets it is called a screen test, an actor never goes on the big screen without trying different makeup looks for that character...same thing in the wedding world, it is called a "trial run", both are extremely important when it comes to you looking your very best as you star in the biggest production of your life...your wedding day!

On this one day in your life, you get one shot (hopefully) to look the best you ever did and, this is not the day to experiment with new hairstyles, or makeup colors that you have never worn before.
This is the day you want to look like you...only a touch more glamorous!

Here are a few tips that every bride should think of when hiring a professional makeup artist:

Remember that you are interviewing the makeup artist, and hair stylist as well. You two will be working together very closely & it is very important that your personalities get along, especially the day of your wedding.

Most artists charge for trial runs, so make sure that fee is discussed ahead of time...after all, their time is valuable. Plan on at least 90 minutes.

Your artist should be prompt, professional & very calming to be around.

Never hire someone without seeing their work. Ask to see a portfolio or photos of their work, and ask how long they have been in business.

Experienced artists know the importance of working fast, following a schedule & being cordial to other vendors involved.

Ask for testimonials of former clients.

Get a trial run at least 3-4 months before your wedding.

Make sure you are done tanning when you go in for your makeup trial.

Mention any & all product allergies at your trial run, and if you are on any medications.

Bring along your current makeup so we can see what routine you are used to doing. It is okay to use your own products!

Never feel pressured into trying new colors or buying anything...this is your day!

Be open to new suggestions to enhance your features for your photos, sometimes your every day makeup, and colors, do not work well for photography.

Bring along "tear sheets" of some makeup looks that you like.

Make sure you have a waterproof mascara!

Do not get a facial close to your wedding date. Some facials are meant to draw out impurities in the skin which can cause breakouts.

Make sure your artist takes photos of your new look and writes down all the colors they used on you, so they can duplicate that exact look on your wedding day, so there will be no surprises!

Coordinate your makeup and hair time with your wedding planner- you never want your hairstyle or makeup application to be rushed the day of your wedding. Plan on at least an hour for both.

Check your finished application in 3 way mirrors, and outdoor lighting. You want to make sure you look good in all angles,and lighting!

Think about adding individual eyelashes or a strip lash for an elegant look. I've seen eyelashes make women look 10 years younger!

It is very nice to see the entire bridal party perfectly made up for your bridal photos, and don't forget the mothers of the bride & is their big day, too!

If you do like the artist & agree to hire them, ask for a contract, and discuss what it will take to reserve their services for you, many require a deposit, and some are non refundable.

And can always wash off, so if they don't get it right the first time, they try again, until YOU are happy...that's why it is called a trial! You try different looks until you get that picture perfect look that is just right for you!

Remember...that wedding photos last a lifetime and you want to make sure that the money invested in professional makeup artists & hairstyling is money well spent.

...update 1/28/10
our article was just picked up for publication on Wed!

Congratulations Jaclyn and David!

Debi and I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Jacyln & her bridal party on 8/29/09.
Her wedding was held at the Bella Sera in Canonsburg, such a great venue for a wedding.
We think she made such a beautiful bride, she even got married in the church where I got married...St. Bernard's in Mt. Lebanon.
Thank you Jaclyn, and give that cute little puppy, Annie a big smooch from me!
makeup by Patty Bell
Hair by Debi Maker
photography by Araujo Photography

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Makeovers for a cause!

Thankyou so very much for a fabulous day! You are so awesome! Beautiful inside and out! So kind to give all the glamour goodness to the young girls! Peace,love,and blessings to you!

...I would like to thank everyone who helped me out on my fundraiser for Gilda's Club of Pittsburgh.
Photographer Archie Carpenter, and model/stylist Karen Goss generously donated their time, and talents to help their girls look, and feel their absolute best and have a fun time doing it!
In addition to a skin care class, and makeup application, manicure and a pizza party...the girls got to experience a real photo shoot, complete with a modeling lesson, designer wardrobe, wigs & platforms shoes!
A good time was had by all!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Location artist Susie Popovich

Congratulations Stephanie and Tom, 8/8/09!

Another beautiful bride I recently had the pleasure to work with...Stephanie!
Not only was she gorgeous, but she was equally as fun and a real makeup lover just like me!
Her dress was from Anne Gregory & it was absolutely stunning!
Please enjoy this slide show from photographer extraordinaire...Jen McKen, who was very fun as well!
Thanks for the pics, Jen:)

and...thanks again, Steph...I loved meeting you and your fun bridesmaids, too!

On Location...with stylist Suzanne Mauro

This is a first in a series of "behind the seens" videos of the adventures of On Location Hair and Makeup.
Today's shoot was with celebrity stylist and author Suzanne Mauro.

check out Suzanne's latest book:
Learn more about Suzanne's contibution to Executive Image Power Book, coming soon.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Congratulations Colleen and Brian!

I've never seen a bride have a crystal Stanley Cup embroidered into her veil until now, nor have I ever seen a Stanley Cup wedding cake, until now!
Colleen & Brian are huge Penguin fans & their wedding on 8/1/09, reflected every moment of that winning team, but she works for the Pirates!
She also happens to be a member of my parish, St. Margaret of Scotland, so it really was an honor to be a part of her wedding!
I loved her family, too, they were so great in welcoming me into their home...thanks Marcia & Harry!

Photography:Paul Meyer Photography

Patty Bell
Her makeup:
MAC studiofix powder NW30
NARS orgasm blush duo
MAC shroom shadow
Urban Decay 24/7 liners
MAC- Hug Me lipstick
NARS -Orgasm lipgloss

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bridge to Nowhere

After 2 years of editing, a movie that we worked on has finally been released..The Bridge to Nowhere!
It stars: Ving Rhames, Danny Masterson, Bijou Phillips & Ben Crowley, directed by Blair Underwood.
With thanks to Smithfield Street productions for being one of the best shows I have ever been on!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Congratulations Krissy and Dave!

These brides just keep getting prettier!
Today was a perfect day for a wedding, and it was so nice to be a part of a beautiful outdoor ceremony, held at the bride's home.
Krissy looked absolutely beautiful & so did her bridesmaids, all dressed in white, with accents of bright colors!
Thank you for a wonderful day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Laugh in the Face of Cancer & support me!

your donations are deeply appreciated!

I recently volunteered to be a part of a video shoot to help promote a "Laugh in the Face of Cancer" benefit for Gilda's Club of Western, Pa...little did I know that I would be nominated to be one of the 50 faces of cancer.
Please join my fundraising efforts.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Congratulations Kristy and Mike!

Our second wedding this year was so much fun!
Our lovely bride, Kristy was a real makeup lover, (always a treat), so we used Kim Kardashian as our inspiration for her wedding makeup, and we think she looked just as beautiful!
Thank you for making me feel right at home with you and your family!
Hair by Ultimate Hair Force Studio
3284 Babcock Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15237-2839 - (412) 366-0499- a very nice and friendly staff!!
Makeup by Patty Bell

Congratulations Heather and Paniti!

June is here and our bridal season is officially underway with our beautiful bride Heather!
We wish the lovely doctor, (pictured here with her mother), and her husband all the best!
Thank you for a great day!
Hair by Geri Mataya & Kimmy of Spa Uptown
Makeup- Patty Bell

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunscreen and Your Makeup Routine

I was recently interviewed by Susan Clark for Web MD regarding makeup & the article to get some good tips!

Sunscreen and Your Makeup Routine

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cultivate your inner rock star...
Ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes on a magazine photo shoot?
Find out!  Live the experience with this wonderful package.
Photographer Carmon Rinehart and stylists from On-Location Hair and Make-up
will render your image in a way worthy of every cover on the newsstand.
You'll feel like a star as you are made the center of attention for location scouting,
wardrobe consultation, make-up and styling.  The only question will be "Perrier or Evian?"

The photo and styling crew will arrive at your location at a mutually agreed upon date and time.
Angles and backgrounds will be selected, wardrobe will be finalized, final touches on make-up
and then lights, camera, action, (insert those "Freeze Frame" lyrics here)  ;-)
as your image is committed to film or memory card.  Become the star you are
as the photographer and crew coax out your various celebrity personality traits, no tantrums please.
After the shoot you'll have proofs and a couple of custom 8x10's to remember the experience
and show all your friends how you should have been in pictures.

Carmon is a professional photographer based in Pittsburgh's historic South Side.
He's been to many parts of the world and has worked on productions making
images of everything from Fortune 500 CEO's, movie stars, and divas, to everyday people
and the boy and girl next door.  He loves meeting new people and forging friendships
where ever he goes.  He strives to get the friend's point of view and create portraits
that offer a glimpse of his subject's true nature.

On-Location Hair and Make-Up consists of stylists Patty Bell and Susie Popovich.
Together they have decades of experience polishing the beauty and dashing good looks
of local and international talent, personalities and celebrities from film, television, entertainment,
and sports.  They enhance the true you and can add a touch of glam if you want them to.
call 412-638-4355 for bookings

Friday, June 5, 2009

We're on Wedding!

Did our makeup artists and hair stylists recently do your wedding?
We'd appreciate your review of our services:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Afzal Ahmet- latest internet scam targeting wedding planners & makeup artists


Hello Sir,
My name is AFZAL AHMET . I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession.
Presently i am in Liverpool .  My lovely daughter found her heartthrob early
last year and they are going to wed by 25th July,  2009. For the
love i have for my daughter, i decided to carter for the wedding as a
surprise package for her and her fiance.

Please i want you to handle the wedding arrangements on their behalf as
my would-be in law is a citizen of your country and as a result he
wants the wedding in his country. Please get back to me with any of the
services which you can provide as regards the wedding arrangement of my

- location for the wedding and reception.

- lodging  for the guests for an estimate of 45 people(24 - 28) July

- Entertainment

- Photography

- Officiant/Priest & Church

- cake,flowers and

- hall for reception

- Hair and Make up for the bride and bride maigs.
[!] Reply to

...and here is what he does:
i will send to you via  CARD the  cost of your will
have in  receipt of $7,500.00 in the CARD
then you will deduct the cost of your service  WHICH IS
$2,500.00 as part payment and we will give the remeininh balance in cash on arrival and send $5,000.00  to the agent that will take care of our
flight ticket for my family members  that will come for the training. Confirm
this and get back to me with your full detail like

i will be looking forward to hear from you ASAP.

Afzal Ahmet
- Show quoted text -

Sunday, May 17, 2009


.....what a treat to work with these lovely identical twins, Michelle and Angie yesterday!
shot by the equally fabulous photographer, Becky Thurner Braddock!