Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cultivate your inner rock star...
Ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes on a magazine photo shoot?
Find out!  Live the experience with this wonderful package.
Photographer Carmon Rinehart and stylists from On-Location Hair and Make-up
will render your image in a way worthy of every cover on the newsstand.
You'll feel like a star as you are made the center of attention for location scouting,
wardrobe consultation, make-up and styling.  The only question will be "Perrier or Evian?"

The photo and styling crew will arrive at your location at a mutually agreed upon date and time.
Angles and backgrounds will be selected, wardrobe will be finalized, final touches on make-up
and then lights, camera, action, (insert those "Freeze Frame" lyrics here)  ;-)
as your image is committed to film or memory card.  Become the star you are
as the photographer and crew coax out your various celebrity personality traits, no tantrums please.
After the shoot you'll have proofs and a couple of custom 8x10's to remember the experience
and show all your friends how you should have been in pictures.

Carmon is a professional photographer based in Pittsburgh's historic South Side.
He's been to many parts of the world and has worked on productions making
images of everything from Fortune 500 CEO's, movie stars, and divas, to everyday people
and the boy and girl next door.  He loves meeting new people and forging friendships
where ever he goes.  He strives to get the friend's point of view and create portraits
that offer a glimpse of his subject's true nature.

On-Location Hair and Make-Up consists of stylists Patty Bell and Susie Popovich.
Together they have decades of experience polishing the beauty and dashing good looks
of local and international talent, personalities and celebrities from film, television, entertainment,
and sports.  They enhance the true you and can add a touch of glam if you want them to.
call 412-638-4355 for bookings

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