Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...what if film crews ran the world?

This has definitely been one of my favorite commercials this year, but my only complaint, because I have worked on thousands of commercials over the past 20 years is....they forgot to call "last looks" on the bride before she walked down the aisle!

On every film set around the world, makeup, hair and wardrobe are called upon at the very last minute to do a final check before the actor appears on camera.
It is the trained eye of that artist to perfect and correct any imperfection they see, such as: shine, a mascara fleck, a hair out of place, and the dreaded...lipstick on the teeth! No one is perfect...not even actors, but it is the job of the makeup artist to achieve that goal.

Many actors become friends with their makeup artists as they trust their keen eye to assure them that they look their absolute best, at all times, whether it's on the big screen, red carpet or a magazine cover. You can guarantee that behind every big celebrity is a well paid makeup artist who worked an hour or so on her face!

We are trained to fix, correct, repair and beautify, sometimes all in a matter of seconds, and it all gets magnified on the big screen for the world to see!

I salute the makeup artists of the film world, who work, round the clock, day or night, in sickness and in health, in strange locations, and weather conditions, tirelessly making their actors beautiful, (or grotesque), day after day...only for the world to see their name go flying by for a split second, in a tiny credit on the big screen!

...If the world were ruled by makeup artists...it would be such a beautiful place to live:)

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