Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to make your makeup last all day and all night

"My makeup does not last!"

That may be my number one problem that I hear from many of my clients.

Here are some tried and true products that I've used on my films as well as my bridal clients that really work well and hold up under hot lights, underwater and all night long.

Having great skin preparation is a must to keep your makeup and your foundation looking fresh all day and night.

Start with a face primer like Make Up For Ever to make your foundation goes on smoothly, and to fill in the fine lines. I cannot do makeup without a primer…they are that important for beautiful skin.

Next, I like to apply foundation with a dampened makeup sponge called the Beauty Blender. The pink egg shaped sponge gives a natural, airbrushed look to the skin.

After the foundation is applied, gently dust the skin with a translucent powder to set the makeup AND with the same pink sponge, gently go over all the face with a patting motion, pressing the sponge into the skin to set the makeup.

Eye makeup stays best by starting with an eyeshadow base before applying any shadows.
I like Two Faced eye primer to lock in my shadows.

To keep your eyeshadow on all day, I highly recommend waterproof cream eye shadows. Make Up For Ever's warm beige is a great color that I like to use as a base shade. You can then add additional colors to contour and highlight over this, if you'd like.
I always use a water proof mascara to avoid any smudges throughout the day and I am a huge fan of Make Up For Ever's black mascara.

The only type of eyeliners found in my makeup kit are waterproof liners.
My favorites are Urban Decay 24/7 and MAC Power Point eyeliners.They are guaranteed to stay put until you take them off- and as an extra added sealer, I go over the liners with a gel liner to set them.
NARS eye paint is my latest go-to gel liner.

Blush stays best when you layer a cream blush under a powder blush.
I love the Tarte Amazonian 12 hour clay blushes the best for staying power.

For lips, the best bet is to start with waterproof lip liners. I like Prestige and Urban Decay. I typically use one shade to outline and another to fill in the lip color and take a pointed q-tip to blend them together and finish the look with a matte lip color for the longest lasting color or a lip stain.

And finally…when the entire face is done- I give a light spray of Urban Decay's All Nighter makeup setting mist to seal the deal!

Here's to putting your best face forward!

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