Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The no makeup, makeup look

It seems that every commercial and film I am on these days, the directors are always wanting the "no makeup" look.

What they fail to understand sometimes, is that the "no makeup" look,  can take as much time as a normal makeup application.

Here are some tips to achieve that look, especially when you don't have a lot of time.

Start with a clean, clear complexion and prep the skin with a good primer that will smooth out the fine lines, moisturize and create a flawless looking complexion.
I love Heir Atelier created by Los Angeles celebrity makeup artist, Kendra Richards, it creates a beautiful glow to the skin and it never leaves it feeling oily.
Even "no makeup looks" need a little help evening out the skin tones and my new obsession are BB creams. Skip the heavy foundations and brighten your skin with a healthy dose of sheer color. These are especially nice in the winter months as they add extra moisture to the skin.
Bobbi Brown is my new favorite which has a bonus SPF 35.
Curling your eyelashes is one way to really open up your eyes, if you don't want to wear eye makeup. I love the iconic Shu Uemura eyelash curler as it gently curls the lashes instead of crimping them…and who doesn't need a 24 kt gold eyelash curler?!

If you're not a fan of mascara, you can have your eyelashes professionally tinted in the beauty salon. It's an all natural vegetable dye and is safe for the eyes. The results are so natural and it lasts about a month. A lot of brides do this before their honeymoon and I've even known many men who have done this and it looks great!
The natural look requires a nice, healthy flush to the cheeks and lips. I love time saving dual products like Benetint's rose cheek and lip tint. It's a sheer berry fluid that tints the lips and cheeks.
It works great alone or under lip sticks. I tend to use it a lot on television shows, especially those kissing scenes where the lip color needs to last and last, take after take:)

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